20mm x 5m WRAS Multilayer Barrier Pipe - Straight Length

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Multi-Layer Press-Fit system combines the advantages of metal pipe systems general plastic pipe systems. Intermediate the aluminium layer provides a total barrier to oxygen. One pipe with a broad range of applications including water supply and distribution, heating and cooling, hot water and compressed air.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi jaw compatibility – suitable for H, TH, and U profiles
  • Flexible/formable pipe allows fast installation with reduced fittings
  • High corrosion and scale resistance allow consistent long-term performance
  • No need for pipe inserts
  • Solid brass fittings for strength and system integrity
  • Fittings have 2 or more O-rings giving outstanding seal
  • Lower thermal losses than metal pipework systems

Multi-Layer Press Fit Information

MLCP Literature and Data Sheets

Technical Data
Tube OD20mm
Size A2.0mm
Wall Thickness2.0mm
NotesFor further information please contact Brymec Technical Dept.
TypeStraight Pipe
Service Temperature80degC max (95degC Intermittent)
Warranty50 years
ApprovalsEN ISO 21003, WRAS Approved
Max Pressure10Bar max operating pressure

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