About Us

Welcome to a better built tomorrow

In support of the Building Services industry, and the challenges it faces, Brymec, a family business founded over 40 years ago, provides the building services industry with a forward-thinking approach, innovating to provide quality products – including Brymec’s own-brand – a straightforward ordering system and exceptional customer experience and support. It provides a smarter, seamless experience, focusing to develop future-proof solutions to help you stay one step ahead. Always.

Brymec has always focused on making things simpler, more accessible and straightforward for customers.

Brymec is a family business in its true sense, but it takes a bigger family to make everything work. It’s a business where everyone plays a part in ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. The right people with the same vision to offer something very different. Helping to deliver your projects with the support of industry expertise, specialist knowledge, product choice, and with the convenience of online or over-the-phone procurement.

We’ve built our business to help your business move forward more easily, investing in innovation and a smoother, more logical service. Helping you make progress, without making compromises.

Different to make the difference

Wouldn’t it be inspired to find a way of providing the industry with the product and service levels it requires, together with the advice, quality and technical support in one easy-to-access place?

Welcome to Brymec – delivering innovation as well as quality products and service. We’re here to help you overcome the complexity of the modern-day building project, through new technology, through knowledge, and through technical expertise. We’ll help you create new ways to deliver a smoother, more efficient and cost-effective project.

Our core values

Everything we do, from discussing your first order to delivering a complete system for your latest landmark project, is moulded by our values, ensuring we provide you with the same exceptional service, time and time again.


We’re fair-minded, direct, and stand by our beliefs… always. Essential qualities in an industry where reputations are made on the strength of your word.


We are relentless in the pursuit of delivering better products, services and more efficient ways of working – both for our clients and ourselves.


Not ones to rest on our laurels or shy away from change or challenges, we dare to lead and exploit new opportunities for success.


We see the strength of working together, both within our own business and with our customers, to deliver the best
possible results.