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Introducing the Brymec Manifold Tee: Quickly Fabricate Water Distribution Manifold Installations.

Are you looking for an innovative way to quickly fabricate water distribution manifold installations? Look no further than Brymec's Manifold Tee! Read on to find out more about this product and how it can benefit your installation needs.


Brymec is committed to developing revolutionary products for the building services industry. Our direct contact with our customers and end-users gives us unique insights into the challenges you are dealing with daily. This means that we can focus our developments on technologies that provide real solutions for today’s projects.

Our customers tell us that projects are more time-pressed than ever, and getting jobs completed on time and error-free is always a challenge. One of the main reasons that Brymec started to manufacture its own product ranges is to help you get your projects done efficiently and effectively.

The Story

When Managing Director, Luke Reiner & Account Manager, Nathan Gardiner went to visit a customer, they didn’t know they would be coming away with an idea to manufacture an innovative plumbing product that would save installers both labour and product costs.

During the visit, the customer expressed their frustration with the process of having to fabricate their own distribution manifolds. The traditional method uses cuts of copper tube to join copper press tees together. They wished there was a solution that meant they could simply install a fitting to make totally bespoke manifolds to the requirements of the project which would most importantly save on labour.

This sparked an idea in Luke's mind to develop and manufacture a product that isn’t in the market that would immensely help installers in the industry. A call was put straight to the product development team with the idea behind a fitting that could be easily integrated into the existing Brymec Copper press range. Criteria would be that it has time and resource-saving benefits, makes braze-free, and permanent jointing which meant no hot works were required.

A sketch on an envelope of how the fitting could look and how it would work was created and shown to the board. Once agreed upon, the drawings and design specifications were sent to the factory to create a sample.

Traditional method vs. Brymec Manifold Tee installation

Luke wanted the new fitting to be without fault with features that follow the Brymec Copper Press range including:

  • Push-and-stay capability.
  • Crimp indicators for the safe completion
  • Leak path detection
  • Dust caps to protect ‘o’ ring integrity.

An additional feature unique to the fitting would be a spigot which enables the installer to easily create a manifold. After some tweaks to the design and rigorous testing and WRAS Approval, the new Brymec Manifold Tee was launched to the market.

What is a Brymec Manifold Tee?

Brymec’s Manifold Tee allows you to quickly fabricate water distribution manifolds without the need for multiple cuts of copper tube and tees. With this point in mind, using the fitting extends much further than just saving the need for additional tube. You will save on product costs by not having to buy extra lengths of copper tube to cut up. You also save on labour by not having to measure each cut, prep & install to create a water distribution manifold. The Brymec Manifold Tee is quick and easy to install and is compatible with our Copper Press Range. With the reduced waste, you will also help contribute to the carbon footprint of your project.

Having researched the market the Brymec Copper Press Manifold Tee is the only product in the industry that allows you to create water distribution manifolds to the specification you require.

In a test for installation efficiency, it was found that it takes 5 minutes to cut, prep and install each section.

On fabricating a manifold using the Brymec Manifold Tee, installation only took 1 minute per fitting showing a time saving of 80% over traditional methods. 

When & Where can the Brymec Manifold Tee be used?

  • Used for the distribution of water.
  • Safe for use on Potable water, Hot water, Heating & Cooling units & drainage.
  • Can be installed off-site in modular construction.
Brymec Manifold Tee Installation


The Brymec Manifold Tee is manufactured from top quality type TX Copper, which makes it compatible with our existing Copper Press range. We have complete control of the quality of products that we offer, and we stand by our product performance guarantees. Brymec’s technical support team is, therefore, able to offer the best technical advice because they know our products inside-out. The Brymec Manifold Tee has also been certified at WRAS Approved.


As a manufacturer we hold significant stock of products, ensuring that we can meet your needs in product demand.

Brymec works closely with you from the earliest stages of a project, so we can pre-empt requirements well in advance – giving you peace of mind that you won’t be scrambling to find the products that your on-site teams need to get work finished.

By putting our customers at the heart of product development and delivery, Brymec is helping consultants and contractors take on projects with the confidence that they can get the work done to a high standard, on time, and on budget.