Brymec Solder Ring Fittings

Technical Manual 

Brymec Solder Ring Fittings

At Brymec, we produce an extensive range of top quality pre-soldered Copper Solder Ring capillary fittings - providing the installer with the confidence that the pipework system will perform to the highest standard. All fittings conform to BS EN1254-1:1998 and are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for 25 years.

For full traceability all of our fittings are etched or stamped with Brymec unique branding; together with the EN specification reference and fitting size where space permits.

Our range covers sizes from 15mm to 54mm and also 67mm in certain fittings.

Our Solder Ring fittings come with pre-applied solder which at melting point will flow under capillary action to create a simple and secure connection. No additional solder is required.

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