Brymec Stainless Steel Press Range

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The Brymec Stainless Steel Press range

Our Brymec Stainless Steel Press-Fit system provides long-lasting, reliable pipework & fittings for your installations - from drinking water to heating systems and rainwater.  Made from top-quality 316L grade stainless steel, this range is far superior to conventional materials - ideal for corrosion or hygienically demanding applications. 

Blue Crimp Indicator

Each fitting comes with our unique blue film which falls off when crimped, offering a visual guide as to which joints have been pressed.

Dust Covers

Each fitting is equipped with plastic dust covers which are fixed in place during production. The fitting is protected from dust and other impurities and removes the risk of damage or contamination in transit.

Compatible with common tools

Our stainless steel system has been designed to be compatible with 'M' profile press jaws or slings up to and including 54mm

Broach range of applications

  • Drinking water
  • Heating
  • Rain water
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems (Wet)
  • Sprinkler Systems (Wet)
  • Inert gas
  • Cooling water pipes
  • Compressed air (oil<25mg/m3)

Brymec Warranty

All Brymec stainless steel press fittings have a 30 year warranty.

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