Cage Green Primary School Project

Efficient delivery and the lastest products from Brymec help timely completion of school refurbishtment projects

Brymec service, warehouse and delivery teams have supported contractors working on a heating system upgrade for Cage Green school in Tonbridge, Kent along with several other school refurbishments in the same area.

Cage Green is a primary school with around 250 pupils from Reception to Year six. This project involved the replacement of 52 radiators in the school building as part of a heating system refurbishment.

The contracting team had to complete the work during the six weeks of the school summer holidays. However, contractors were also working on several other similar projects in the area, so time was of the essence.

Deadlines were set for the project to ensure hot water provision was in place for Cage Green School by 1st September when students and teachers return full-time and to have the heating system fully operational by 1st October ahad of cold weather.

Like most schools across the UK, Cage Green has seen much disruption for its students and teachers during the 2020/21 pandemic shutdowns. So the school and local parents were keen to avoid further closures and delays.

Summer was also the ideal time to switch off the heating during the update and an excellent opportunity to ensure that occupants could enjoy the benefits of a warm building when the autumn and winter months arrive.

Brymec supplied several of its branded products for the project, relating to its Stainless Steel Press System. One of the significant benefits of Brymec's Stainless Steel Press System is the speed of installation. Each fitting comes with our unique blue film, which falls off when crimped - providing a quick visual guide to show installers which joints have been pressed. In addition, all our stainless steel fittings have a 30-year warranty.

Contractors on the Cage Green project have direct contact with their own Brymec Account Manager, who understands the project's requirements and works closely with them to coordinate everything.

The Brymec team also provided support online and via the phone during the design and specification stages to ensure that the correct products were selected to deliver the best project outcomes.

One of the most critical aspects of this project is that Brymec's driver delivery team was able to deliver equipment to the school before 8am. Along with the quick turnaround on orders at Brymec's Gatwick warehouse, contractors experienced no delays in gettings products onto site.

One contractor noted: "The promptness of deliveries and availability of stock at short notice are the main reasons we value Brymec as our key supplier for these projects"

Nathan Gardiner of Brymec adds: "We're pleased to know that our product and service teams are working together to deliver great service for busy contractors. Getting projects completed efficiently and effectively is a real challenge when you have a matter of weeks for the work, and our mission is to provide certainty for busy contractors.


Tonbridge, Kent

Project timeframe:

6 Weeks over school holidays

Products Selected:

Stainless Steel Press Systems

  • Stainless pipe in various sizes
  • Press 90 FxF Elbows in various sizes
  • Press Reducing Tees
  • Automatic Air Vents
  • Slotted Channels

Support Systems