To be the greenest environmentally friendly supplier to the

Building Services Industry


As a forward-thinking manufacturer and distributor of quality valves, tubes & fittings we have always looked at ways to improve the industries we serve as well as the wider environment.

Our strapline ‘Built for Tomorrow’ underpins what we do as a business whether that be through innovation in products or processes. The natural step was therefore looking at how we can be better when it comes to our environmental impact.








Brymec cuts down the movement of products, which cuts the impact to the environment.






We wanted to reduce our emissions further and become carbon neutral, so started the process to do so.


To begin we commissioned an independent audit of our current green-house gas (GHG) emissions carried out under the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1.

Through working with the auditors, we were able to ascertain the level of our emissions. We then identified the steps we would need to take to become carbon neutral.

After reviewing the steps required to become carbon neutral, we set a target date of June 2022 to achieve this.








Working with our external auditors we identified opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions and reduce energy usage.

We have:

1. Electric charging points in the car park, for staff and visitor usage

2. Full Plastic Reduction Scheme in place across all products

3. Removal of plastic cups and cutlery in the canteen

4. All internal lighting is automatic LED

5. Cycle rack provided and all staff encouraged to ride to work

6. Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps installed

7. An additional 50% thermal insulation installed at our Gatwick Warehouse








We have worked collaboratively with our supply partners to:

1. Reduce the usage of single-use plastics
2. Development of sustainable product
3. Worked to improve the manufacturing process of our branded products, to lower emissions, waste, and water consumption
4. Increased controls on sustainable and safe waste management
5. Ensured our partners adhere to our ESG and labour standards









1. 95% of all our deliveries are carried out via our dedicated fleet of vehicles which are maintained, adhere to local emission regulations, and replacement vehicles to be electric where possible

2. The remaining number of deliveries made by our chosen delivery partners are done so by partners who can adhere to our carbon neutral standards

3. We continuously work closely with our overseas supply chain partners to ensure manufacturing lead times are aligned with demand planning so that we can avoid the use of air freight








We have been working closely with our packaging suppliers to ensure that we only utilise packaging which is recyclable or biodegradable.


1. We are working to have all plastic moved over to oxo-biodegradable.
2. We decided to remove all unnecessary plastic removed from packaging and products
3. We are working with our suppliers to help us switch over to fully oxo-biodegradable pallet wrap






FSC Certification


With project specifications and industry standards continuously evolving, and to align with our carbon neutral status, Brymec obtained FSC Certification.

Brymec supports FSC's vision to highlight the true value of forests so society can recognise them worldwide. When a customer sees the FSC 'Tick'Tree' logo, they can be confident when buying the product, it means there was no harming the world's forest.









Additionally, to reduce to enhance our overall net impact we worked with our consultants to identify internationally recognised global ESG projects that provided health improvement, biodiversity, reforestation, and broader social benefits.

This is something Brymec have always supported through our Brymec Foundation.






As of June, Brymec Ltd is certified as a Carbon Neutral business.

In order to ensure we uphold our standards, an annual audit will be taken as well as the launch of our staff Environmental Champions who will be at the forefront of ensuring we not only adhere to Carbon Neutral but explore ways of taking our efforts to the next level.