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Residential Plumbing Systems in Manor Lane, Feltham, Hounslow

Residential Development and Plumbing Systems

Manor Lane, a £27.5 million residential development located in Feltham, Hounslow, is a prestigious project undertaken by Weston Homes. This case study focuses on the plumbing systems implemented in this development, highlighting the challenges faced, solutions adopted, and the project’s overall success.

Manor Lane is a luxurious residential development comprising multiple units ranging from 535 sq ft to 1020 sq ft, all of which will benefit from Weston Homes’ signature. All units give an all-inclusive specification that includes integrated appliances and quartz stone worktops in the kitchen, state-of-the-art bathrooms with Smart technology and flooring fitted throughout. These homes have all been designed to offer modern living spaces to its residents.

The plumbing systems are a critical project component, ensuring a seamless and efficient water supply and waste management throughout the development.

The Challenge of Residential Units and Plumbing Systems

Due to the scale of the project, Brymec were selected as the supplier of multiple projects required for the project, as bulk call-off orders would be necessary. The contractor needed reassurance that the supplier could fulfill the regular orders for delivery in full without balances.

As the project is in a residential area, strict delivery restrictions are imposed by the developer to ensure swift deliveries of products.

The client required premium quality malleable plumbing fittings to ensure zero downtime and high satisfaction.

Some challenges of the residential plumbing in Manor Lane included:

Design Integration: The plumbing system needed to be seamlessly integrated into the architectural design of the development while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Water Efficiency: Meeting modern sustainability standards requires implementing water-efficient fixtures and technologies to reduce water consumption.

Compliance: Ensuring all plumbing systems adhered to local building codes and regulations.

Scale: Coordinating plumbing installations across a sizeable residential complex while maintaining quality and consistency.

Manor Lane

Plumbing Products Needed for Residential Developments

The plumbing product selection at the Manor Lane residential  development in Feltham, Hounslow, was a critical component in ensuring the success and efficiency of the pluming systems.

Including various high-quality plumbing products from Brymec played a pivotal role in achieving the projects goals. With the £12 million stock holding and the stock promise guarantee for the top 2,000 products, Brymec could consistently supply the plumbing and mechanical products required for the project.

Brymec supplied complete integrated system components that the contractor desired. Our plumbing products provided included:

Steel Tube & Fittings

One of the standout features of the Manor Lane project was the extensive use of Brymec’s Steel Tube and Fittings. In total, an astounding 3 miles of Steel Tube was utilised, an accomplishment that genuinely puts the scale of this project into perspective:

47 Football Pitch Lengths: To visualise the sheer length imagine 47 standard football pitches laid end to end, showcasing the extensive reach of Brymec’s Steel Tube throughout the development.

The Height of 60 80m cranes: If you stack 60 cranes, each with a height of 80 meters, you would get a sense of the vertical coverage achieved by this impressive quantity of Steel Tube.

The Brymec Distribution Centre stacked 459 times: Imagine stacking the entire Brymec Distribution Centre, a symbol of quality and reliability, a staggering 459 times. This shows the quantity of Steel Tubes used in this project.

950 of our Brymec Vans bumper to bumper: If you line up 950 Brymec vans bumper to bumper, they will stretch for miles, emphasising the sheer magnitude of Brymec’s contribution to Manor Lane.

Steel tubes Manor Lane

Gas Press Systems and Gas Copper Fittings:

Gas Press Systems and Gas Copper Fittings ensured the safe and efficient gas distribution through the development. These components were selected for their durability and reliability, meeting stringent safety standards while providing convenience for residents.

The selection of Gas Press Systems and Gas Copper Fittings for the Manor Lane residential development was a testament to the project’s dedication to safety, efficiency and quality. These components were pivotal in ensuring reliable gas distribution throughout the development, a critical aspect of any residential project.

Gas Press Systems were chosen for their cutting-edge technology and impeccable safety record. These systesm utilise press fittings that require no open flame during installation, minimising fire risks and ensuring the safety of both installers and future residents. This innovative appraoch significantly expedited the installation process, reducing project timelines and improving overall cost efficiency.

Gas Copper Fittings, renowned for their corrosion resistance and durability, were integrated seamlessly into the plumbing system. Copper’s inherent strength and longevity ensure that gas distribution remain efficient and secure over the long term, requiring minimal maintenance and replacement.

The combination of Gas Press Systems and Cas Copper Fittings not only met but exceeded safety standards, assuring residents of the highest levels of safety in their gas supply. Moreover, these choices underscored the commitment to environmental sustainability, as copper is a recyclable material known for its minimal environmental impact.

Gas Press System

Site Supports & Fixings

Brymec’s site supports, and fixings were crucial in installing and maintaining plumbing systems at Manor Lane. This selection included a range of products:

Slotted Channel: Used for secure and flexible support of piping and fixtures

Square Plates: Providing stable attachment points for various plumbing components

Hexagon Nuts: Ensuring tight and secure connections.

Insulated Pipe Clamps: Enhancing the energy efficiency of the plumbing system by reducing heat loss.

These components collectively contributed to the stability and longevity of the plumbing infrastructure at Manor Lane, ensuring the smooth operation of water and gas distribution throughout the development.

The plumbing product selection at Manor Lane exemplified the commitment to quality, efficiency, and safety. Brymec’s Steel Tube and Fittings Gas Press Systems, Gas Copper Fittings and Site Supports and Fixings played pivotal roles in delivering a state-of-the-art plumbing system for this prestigious residential development, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of its residents for years to come.

Plumbing Systems for Residential homes

Our dedicated team were able to tackle the challenges the project had.

The call off schedule was managed seamlessly with consistant next day delivery of all tube and fittings on the pre-determined bulk call off order. The rhythm of timely deliveries, expertly handled by our FORS accredited drivers enabled the team to meet the install program without delays.

All orders delivered had no balances due to the £12M stock holding and Brymec stock promise.

Having inspected the supplied materials and products, the client was extremely happy of the high quality products and had no issues.

The plumbing solutions for the residential units included:

Integrated Design: Collaboration between architects and plumbing engineers resulted in a design that concealed plumbing elements within walls and ceilings, ensuring a visually appealing interior.

Water-Efficient Fixtures: High-efficiency toilets, taps and showerheads were installed throughout the development, reducing water consumption and promoting sustainability.

Code Compliance: Frequent inspections and collaboration with local authorities ensured that all plumbing systems adhered to building codes and regulations.

Project Management: A dedicated project management team oversaw the installation of plumbing systems, ensuring quality control and consistency across all units.

Efficient Water Usage: Implementing water-efficient fixtures resulted in significant water savings for residents, contributing to sustainability goals.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design: The integrated plumbing design ensured that residents enjoyed a visually appealing living space without visible plumbing elements.

Code Compliance: The Manor Lane development avoided costly delays and potential legal issues by strictly adhering to local regulations.

Satisfied Residents: The plumbing systems, including reliable hot and cold-water supply and efficient waste management, have contributed to residents’ overall satisfaction.

“Brymec has been really easy to deal with. You order it and you have the confidence and assurance that it will come next day. The drivers are really helpful and don’t just sit and watch. The whole service offering has helped us to keep the project on track.

The product has been great! No problems on any of the product and is easy to work with.”

Daniel O'Brien, Project Manager

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