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Plumbing Renovations for Lord's View Development,                              St Johns Wood, London

Lords View One is a residential block of flats in London, conveniently situated facing St Johns Wood Road and the Lords Cricket Ground.

Developers, Imperial Penthouse, achieved planning permission for the development of a 2-storey roof extension to accommodate four luxury penthouses atop of the existing 11 storey residential building. Each penthouse benefits from the view overlooking the Lords Cricket Ground - a cricket enthusiast's dream! The project entails complete refurbishment of the building, with communal works of replacing all windows, balconies, a new facade, new lifts and lobby as well as rehousing of water tanks, electrical upgrades and new fire safety throughout.


The Challenge of Commercial Real Estate and Plumbing Systems

In the world of commerical real estate, ensuring the functionality and efficiency of plumbing systems is paramount. The Lord's View Development, a luxury residential block of flats in London, recognised this importance when undergoin a comprehensive refurbishment and expansion project. Implementing the plumbing systems was among the key elements that contributed to the project's success at Lord's View Development.


All plumbing designs are given much thought to the project's circumstances, and Lords View One was no exception. With residents habiting the existing apartments, it's crucial that the project wasn't delayed and to keep residents happy with noise levels and working hours.

To ensure the plumbing refurbishment project ran to time, early morning deliveries were required to allow for installations to commence.

The contractor of Lord's View needed the confidence that the broad range of mechanical and plumbing components would be on-site when required without delay. With the complex installation, a plumbing supplier who provides complete integrated systems was a must. The systems also need to be robust enough to manage the interfaces between different pipework with adaptor fittings, which were required in various sizes.



Plumbing Product Selectoin Needed for London Residential Development

With the £12million stock holding and the stock promise guarantee for the top 2,000 products, Brymec were able to consistently supply the plumbing and mechanical products required for the project.

Brymec supplied complete integrated system components that were desired by the contractor. Systems supplied included:

Copper Press Systems for Development Projects

A robust plumbing system requires durable materials that can withstand the test of time, especially in high-rise residential buildings like Lord's View One. The Copper Press System emerged as the ideal choice for this project. This system  offers a range of benefits:

Corrosion Resistance: Copper is naturally corrosion-resistant, ensuring that the plumbing system maintains it's integrity over the long term, a crucial aspect in commercial developments.

Leak Prevention: The Copper Press System relies on press fittings that create solid and watertight connections, virtually eliminating the risk of leaks, which could cause costly damage in a residential development.

Ease of Installation: The press system simplifies installation, reducing labour costs and minimising disruption to residents during the refurbishment.

Plumbing materials required for a Copper Press System included Copper Tube, which facilitated the smooth flow of water throughout the building with press fittings for easy installation and gave a quick and efficient plumbing installation, reducing labour costs and minimising disruption to the residents.

For a comprehensive residential project like Lord's View Development, where safety is paramount, Gas Press Fittings also played a critical role in the Copper Gas Supply System. The benefits of gas press fittings we used to ensure a secure and gas-tight connection, minimising the risk of gas leaks and gave a consistant and reliable gas supply. vital for residential heating and cooking needs.

Cast Iron Drainage for Residential Developments

Cast Iron Drainage systems were chosen for the Lord's View project dur to their exceptional strength, durability, and longevity. Residential developments like Lord's View benefit from Cast Iron Drainage in several ways:

Durability: Cast Iron is renowned for its ability to withstand harsh conditions and wear. It resists rust and corrosion, ensuring a lengthy lifespan for drainage systems, which is vital for residentials properties built to last.

Sound Insulation: Cast Iron Drainage offers excellent sound insulation properties, reducing noise transmission within the building. This is particularly valuable in residential developments, where comfort, peave and quiet are vital.

Fire Resistance: Cast Iron is inherently fire-resistant, adding an extra layer of safety to residential buildings, essential for protecting property and residents.

Cast Iron Tubes and fittings were fundamental to this project's cast iron drainage and were selected for the advantages in residential developments. 

Cast Iron tubes are incredibly robust and withstand heavy loads and adverse conditions. This was crucial for the residential development that must accommodate the needs of numberous occupants. These tubes require minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs and ensuring that the drainage system remains efficient throughout the life of the building.

Cast Iron tubes do not corrode, ensuring the maintain their integrity even in damp and corrosive environments like those found in drainage systesms, providing a long-term drainage solution.

Solvent Waste in Residential Developments

Efficient wastewater management is a top priority for a project like Lord's View, and solvent waste systems play a pivotal role. These systesms are particularly essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of plumbing in large-scale spaces. The heart of solvent waste systems lies in the use of pipes and fittings, which contribute to the effectivemess and reliability of the system.

They offer a comprehensive solution for efficient wastewater management, ensuring that residential developments can function efficiently while maintaining the highest hygiene and safety standards. These systems exemplify the synergy between technology and practicality in commerical plumbing, meeting the unique demands of large-scale, high-traffic environments.

Pipe Selection: The choice of pipes used for the solvent waste systems was vital. The pipes needed to be durable, chemically resistant, and capable of withstanding the stresses of high-traffic use.

Fittings Functionality: Fittings were essential to ensure proper connections between pipes. The fittings used were coupled with the solvent welding technique to create reliable, leak-free joints and developed a long-standing wastewater system.

Valves Used in Residential Developments

In this residential development, advanced valves were needed, such as lever ball valves, thermostatic mixing valves, and pressure reducing valves, all required to maintain safety, efficiency and functionality.

These valves are essential for controlling and regulating the flow of liquids and gases in a complex plumbing system like the one in Lord's View.

Lever Ball Valves for Precision Flow Control

Lever Ball Valves are indispensible in plumbing systems, offering precision control over the flow of liquids or gases. Their advantages in Lord's View include:

Durability: Lever Ball Vavles are used to withstand the demands of high-traffic environments. They are robust and can operate consistently, even in challenging conditions.

Ease of Use: The lever design allows for quick and easy operation, making them ideal for applications that require frequent adjustments or shut-offs.

Reliability: Lever Ball Valves are know for their reliability, offering tight shut-off capabilities to prevent leaks and ensure a secure, controlled flow.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves: Temperature Control for Safety

Thermostatic Mixing Valves are critical to maintaining consistent and safe water temperatures in plumbing systems. Their contributions to Lord's View include:

Safety: These valves prevent scalding by automatically blending hot and cold water to maintain a safe, preset temperature. This is crucial in a large development like Lord's View.

Efficiency: Thermostatic mixing valves promote water conservation by delivering water at the desired temperature, reducing the need for manual temperature adjustments.

Regulation: These valves provide consistent temperature control, ensuring users can access hot water whenever needed, without the risk of fluctuations or extreme temperatures.

Pressure Reducing Valves: Consitent Flow and System Protection

Pressure-reducing valves are essential in this plumbing project to maintain consistent water pressure and protect the system. The advantages to thsi water system include:

Flow regulation: Pressure-reducing valves present excessively high water pressure from damaging pipes and fixtures, ensuring a consistent water flow throughout the development.

System Protection: These valves extend the lifespan of plumbing components by reducing wear and tear caused by excessive pressure. 

Water Conservation: Pressure-reducing valves contribute to water conservation by minimising the wasteage associated with high-pressure systems.

Efficiency and Sustainability: The use of advanced valves in commerical plumbing ensures efficient control and distribution of water and gas and contributes to environmental sustainability. Many modern valves are designed with water and energy conservation in mind, helping the Lord's View Development to reduce its carbon footprint.

Channel & Bracketry

Channel and bracketry channels, pipe clamps, backplates, and studding are the often-unseen heroes of plumbing projects like the one used in Lord's View. They provide the structural support, organisation, and adaptability necessary for large and complex plumbing systems in residential developments like this one. These components ensured that the plumbing infrastructure remained stable, efficient, and easy to maintain, contributing to the success and longevity of plumbing in high-traffic, dynamic environments.

Channel and bracketry provided the plumbing system with the following:

Support and Stability: Channel and bracketry channel provides robust support for pipes and fixtures, preventing sagging, shifting or damage. This is vital for maintaining the integrity of the plumbing system.

Organisation: These channels allow for the orderly arrangement of pipes and components, simplifying maintenance, inspection, and repairs, reducing downtime and costs in a commerical setting.

Versatility: Channel and bracketry channel comes in various materials and sizes to accommodate different pipe sizes and weights, offering flexibility in plumbing design like the one at Lord's View.

The Result of Effective Plumbing Solutions.

Due to Brymec’s unique position of partnering with factories and being able to distribute products straight to site, there is complete control over the stock and supply of required products.

With the collaboration between the mechanical contractor, Custom Build Plumbing and Heating and Brymec, regular orders were placed with the peace of mind that they would be delivered next day at the requested time. This ensured that that installers were not waiting around for components. The Brymec Stock Promise on core ranges ensured that there were zero project delays and product was available straight from our central distribution warehouse to site.

Brymec are a supplier with complete ranges, in all sizes and types of fittings, with no gaps. This ensures that every customer supplied to can get hold of the specific fitting to get the job done on time.


The Result of Effective Plumbing Solutions.

Brymec is a supplier with complete plumbing and drainage ranges. We ensure that every customer supplied can get hold of the specific plumbing and drainage required to finish the job on time!

Learn more about our Brymec Breeze Service and our fast delivery options by calling us on 0333 000 55 55 or using our online contact form for more information.