Brymec's HVAC Solutions for London Luton Airport Redevelopment

Luton Airport Luton Airport

Brymec's HVAC Solutions for London Luton Airport Redevelopment

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The International London Luton Airport (LLA) sees over 16.5 million passengers travel through its terminals every year. This makes it the fifth busiest airport in the UK.

In December 2018, a three-year redevelopment of the airport was commissioned. Airport management announced an upgrade of the site. The refurbishment would include new shops, a new boarding pier, and more boarding gates.

The transformation would also provide sustainable, economical solutions to extend and alter the existing buildings within a live airport environment.

Northern Ireland HVAC contractor and Brymec customer, Principal Cooling, was appointed to replace the Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems.

The Challenge of HVAC Systems in Airport Redevelopment

With such an extensive redevelopment, much thought was given to the expanse of required HVAC products. Systems would be installed throughout several airport areas, including Departures, Immigration, International and Domestic Baggage, and Arrivals, all at different stages of the project.

It comes without a surprise that LLA is a high-security environment. Delivery to the site is not the easiest, with security procedures having to be strictly followed.

Principal Cooling required accurate deliveries up to four times a week, which would also vary in size. The need for a flexible and responsive supplier in its delivery process was of the highest importance.


Commercial HVAC System from Brymec at Luton Airport Commercial HVAC System from Brymec at Luton Airport


Direct-to-Site HVAC Systems 

Brymec and Principal Cooling have built and continue to maintain an excellent working relationship. Principal Cooling appointed Brymec to supply HVAC products and solutions to the project due to the peace of mind and confidence in Brymec's ability to meet project objectives consistently.

Nigel Treanor, Principal Cooling Contracts Manager on the LLA Project, said, "We have used other suppliers, but none of them have the same range that Brymec have... The working relationships [with Brymec] are also exceptionally good!"

Product Selection Required for HVAC Systems

Brymec supplied a comprehensive range of HVAC products for the project, including channel, copper tube and insulation, cable tray, studding, fixings, bracketry, condensate pumps, and other sundries.

Emphasising sustainability, Brymec recommended the MaxiPro Press product as a solution, supporting Principal Cooling by submitting technical documentation and specifications.

Products from Brymec included: 


Channel (3,500m):

Versatility: The channel provides a versatile solution for supporting and routing various HVAC system components. Its flexibility allows for customisation, adapting to the specific requirements of different areas within the airport.

Durability: Using a high-quality channel ensures long-term durability, which is crucial for withstanding the demanding conditions of a busy airport environment.


Copper Tube and Insulation (4,200m):

Thermal Efficiency: Copper is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat transfer within the HVAC system. The insulation enhances energy efficiency, preventing heat loss and reducing energy consumption.

Corrosion Resistance: Copper's corrosion-resistant properties contribute to the longevity of the HVAC system, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing overall system reliability.


Cable Tray (1,000m):

Organised Cable Management: Cable trays provide an organised and secure pathway for electrical cables, preventing clutter and facilitating efficient maintenance. This is particularly important in a complex airport environment with multiple systems and areas.


Studding (2,500m):

Structural Support: Studding is crucial in providing structural support to the HVAC components, ensuring stability and reliability. Its strength and durability contribute to the overall integrity of the system.


Fixings and Bracketry:

Secure Installation: High-quality fixings and bracketry ensure a safe and stable installation of HVAC components. This is essential in a live airport environment where the system's reliability is paramount, and any failures could disrupt operations.


Condensate Pumps:

Efficient Moisture Removal: Condensate pumps are crucial in removing moisture from the HVAC system, preventing mould growth and water damage. Their efficient operation maintains a healthy indoor environment for passengers and staff.


Other Sundries (Paint, Cutting Discs, etc.):

Aesthetic Considerations: Sundries like paint contribute to the aesthetic aspects of the HVAC system, ensuring that installations blend seamlessly with the airport environment.

Precision and Quality: Cutting discs and other tools contribute to the accuracy of installations, ensuring that components fit together seamlessly. This precision is vital in achieving optimal system performance.

Installation of HVAC System from Brymec Installation of HVAC System from Brymec


Overall Benefits of Brymec's HVAC Product Selection:

The airport redevelopment needed a meticulous choice of HVAC products to form a successful project. Brymec's commitment to excellence shines through in the selection of HVAC components, showing our customer-focused model prioritising sustainability, reliability, and efficiency. 

As the heartbeat of the London Luton Airport redevelopment project, these carefully chosen materials align with the overarching sustainability goals and elevate the reliability and efficiency standards essential for the seamless operation of critical systems within a bustling airport environment. Brymec's HVAC product selection demonstrates how the right components can impact the longevity, performance, and environmental footprint of airport infrastructure.


Our HVAC product selection focused on the airport's main goals, which included:


Sustainability: The selection of high-quality, durable materials aligns with the project's objectives, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising the environmental impact.

Reliability: The chosen HVAC products contribute to the system's overall reliability, minimising downtime and ensuring continuous operation in a critical airport setting.

Efficiency: The thermal efficiency, organised cable management, and structural support provided by these products contribute to the overall efficiency of the HVAC system, meeting the project's objectives of sustainability and economic viability.


As one of the objectives of the transformation was to be sustainable and economical, Brymec worked closely and supported Principal Cooling in the early stages of the project in the submission of technical documentation and specifications and put forward the MaxiPro Press product as a sustainable solution to the main client.

Once specified onto the project, Brymec supplied 700 of the Conex Bänninger's>B< MaxiPro fittings and its specialist crimping tool from Rothenberger.

For the installation to be successful, Brymec further supported the contractor by providing training to engineers on-site on how to install the press system.


The Process of HVAC Installation

Brymec and Principal Cooling collaborated to work out a smooth process to ensure that consignments were delivered promptly.

The contractors' Manager, Nigel Treanor, would gather all product requirements from on-site engineers for the following day and place an order with Brymec.

The order was then processed for next-day delivery. Brymec's fleet transported the consignment to LLA's site compound. Principal Cooling would then take the products from the compound location to the installation site.

With this delivery process in place, there was no time wasted in lengthy security checks on each delivery, so products got to the site quickly, where installations could take place.


The Final HVAC Results for Luton Airport

With the collaboration between the contractor and distributor, the installation of the project went without delay.

The high-quality products and solutions supplied by Brymec meant that the project could hit both sustainability and timeline objectives. Passengers can now travel in comfort with the newly installed facilities.

Danny Holmes, Key Account Manager at Brymec, explained: "LLA is not the easiest site to deliver to, but our drivers have built strong relationships on site and understood the process to go through to delivery to such a high-security environment."

"In the early stages, this provided quite challenging, but after a few runs, it was like a well-oiled machine - everyone knows what they need to do."


Commercial HVAC Systems in London and the Surrounding Area

Commercial HVAC systems from Brymec offer essential benefits, ensuring comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency. Installing this system into your commercial spaces will regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. 

If you require a commercial HVAC system, please call us on 0333 000 55 55 or use our online contact form for more information.


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