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High performance buildings rely on high performance drainage systems. Anything less can have a detrimental effect on how buildings work, and in turn, make life inconvenient, or worse, for people who rely on them. Annoying little faults or major problems in need of long and costly repair can severely impact forward planning, worker efficiency and budget control.

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Brymec’s Cast Iron socketless solutions for soil, waste and rainwater drainage are designed to help buildings achieve optimum performance, from day one, to far into the future. Easy to use and install, our solutions help ensure better building life, and quality of life, across buildings including hospitals and healthcare, commercial, offices, schools, and industrial projects. Our 10-year warranty, the longest in the sector, will give you even more certainty and peace of mind.

Key benefits

The benefits of Brymec`s cast iron drainage system are demonstrable:

  • Fire resistant
  • Sound dampening
  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Good for the planet

What sets Brymec cast iron apart?

  • Exceptional warranty

    All Brymec Cast Iron products come with a full 10-year warranty, by far the longest in the sector.

  • Highly fire resistant

    Extensively tested in accordance with BS EN 13501 by the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology, every Brymec Cast Iron product is non-combustible, an incredibly important contributor to a building’s overall fire safety (and insurance rating).

  • Exceptional acoustic performance

    Tested according to BS EN 14366, the material density combined with the buffer effect of the rubber lining in the couplings results in a dramatic reduction in sound transmission – almost to a minimum.

  • Excellent durability

    Our highly-robust Cast Iron products have an expected lifespan of over 70 years.

  • Very low maintenance

    Due to their material strength and epoxy coatings, our full Cast Iron product range requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime.

  • Good for the planet

    As opposed to plastic versions, which can’t be recycled at the end of their much shorter life cycle, every component of our Cast Iron drainage systems is 100% recyclable.

  • Easy to use and install

    Our lightweight Cast Iron products are designed to fit together seamlessly in whatever system configuration you require, which makes installation easier.

  • Backed by Brymec Breeze

    Benefit from our innovative approach to the procurement and delivery of M&E products backed by an approach to customer relationships designed to make life as easy as possible.

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With all the benefits of Brymec Breeze

We’ve removed all middlemen from our supply chain model, which means all Brymec Cast Iron drainage system products are delivered direct to site from our central distribution centre. You also benefit from a single point of contact, fast turn around and delivery, and more. Brymec Breeze brings new levels of efficiency and profitability to every project.

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