Copper Press Fittings
Introducing the Brymec Copper Press System

Our all-new Brymec copper press system is for use with conformant copper tube to EN 1057 Type TX and LX: providing a durable and secure leak-proof joint for the following applications: 
• Potable water
• Hot water 
• Heating/cooling circuit 
• Drainage

** Other applications are possible based on requirements and after consultation with Brymec. 
The system provides a braze free, permanent and leak free joint. Which means no hot works required, no need to move around brazing equipment and consumables. And, no fire watches – saving you time and resources. 
When installed as per the instructions within this brochure the Brymec Copper Press system offers exceptional lasting performance, which is supported with our Brymec warranty.

Innovative Design Features


The Brymec Copper Press range benefits from the extra security provided by its 2-point-press system. This creates the leak free, tamper-proof joint.

Blue Plastic Film

Each fitting is equipped with a blue plastic film, which will fall off when the fitting is crimped correctly. This means it is clear at a glance to identify fittings that have been crimped.

Dust Cover

Each press fitting is equipped with plastic dust covers, which are fixed in place during production meaning the fitting is protected from the moment it is manufactured to the point it is delivered to site. The dust cover protects the product from dust and other impurities remove the risk of damage or contamination in transit.

Copper Press Fitting Dust Cap

Dust Covers

Protection from dust and impurities removing the risk of contamination. 

Copper Press Fitting Dust Cap

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Brymec Warranty

Supported by our Brymec Warranty

25-year warranty across our copper press fittings.