Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon Footprint - Carbon Neutral Organisation

As of 9th June 2022, Brymec Ltd was certified as a Carbon Neutral Business. In order to ensure we uphold our standards, an annual audit will be taken as well as the launch of our staff Environmental Champions who will be at the forefront of ensuring we not only adhere to Carbon Neutral but explore ways of taking our efforts to the next level Brymec Ltd has obtained project standard "Gold Standard VER": .

Quality Management System ISO9001:2015

Brymec Ltd (the ‘Organisation’) aims to provide defect-free products and services to its customer on time and within budget.

The Organisation operates a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification, including aspects specific to the stockholding and supply of mechanical, plumbing and air conditioning products and services.

This gives us a platform to guarantee a structured approach to our continuous improvement cycle, and ensure we continue to meet and exceed the following key goals:

  • Excellence of service to our customers, delivering on site, in full, on time; in the relentless pursuit of total customer satisfaction.
  • Offering quality products and systems.  We work with worldwide manufacturing plants (in line with our social and ethical policy) to source the best products for the UK market.  We ensure that the products are fit for purpose and comply with the relevant approvals and standards.  We also research and develop innovative solutions which will add value to our customers, developers and end users
  • To motivate, engage and continuously develop our team by providing training, coaching, knowledge sharing and investment to ensure their absolute competence.
  • To continue to invest in technology, working to understand customers’ needs and streamline their buying processes to maximise efficiencies via modern technology.

This quality policy is endorsed and regularly reviewed by our Senior Management Team, and its scope is communicated to all Brymec employees via our website and other appropriate methods.

Our vision is to become an essential and indispensable supplier to the Building Services Contractor by providing excellence of service, quality products and continually investing in technology.

In order to achieve our vision, we ensure Brymec is an organisation where people love to work, upholding our core values of excellence, courage, integrity and collaboration to actively engage our team in contributing towards providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Luke Reiner

Managing Director                                                                          

Ethical Sourcing Policy

At Brymec we recognise the importance of credibility, integrity, and trustworthiness in our success as a business. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all our operations, everywhere in the world. We believe in the principles of honesty, fairness, and respect for individual and community freedoms.   The ethics of our UK operations are demonstrated through responsible:

  • business processes
  • corporate governance
  • custom and practice
  • quality management
  • safe working practices
  • corporate social responsibility
  • facility management 
  • equality & diversity
  • anti-bribery & corruption
  • employee care

As we expand our network of suppliers to source products globally, it is increasingly necessary to ensure that the organisations that we undertake business with also meet our expectations of standards of supply.

As a minimum Brymec Ltd expects its supply partners to comply with all local laws and regulations and to respect internationally recognised human and labour rights as well as international initiatives for climate change.

In particular we require that suppliers ensure: 

  • Working hours and remuneration are reasonable and meet the required local wage and working time laws
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • No discrimination is practised
  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Children are not employed, and local minimum age rules are in place
  • Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
  • No improper advantage, including the payment of bribes.
  • Packaging and waste are subject to recycling and safe disposal guidelines
  • That all sourcing of materials and manufacturing processes are subject to sustainability and renewability rules

Brymec carry out initial assessments and, on agreeing terms of business, provide the criteria against which the company has been measured by way of regulating ongoing requirements.

Brymec then carry out periodic on-site audits to ensure that compliance is maintained.  

Brymec will work with its suppliers to guide and advise them in maintaining and improving required levels of environmental standards.

The Brymec Sourcing Director has responsibility for this policy and will report to the management meetings on any issues arising.

Forest Stewardship Council® - FSC®

In line with customer demand, and the promotion of responsibly sourced timber products on new building projects in the UK, Brymec now stocks products manufactured from responsibly sourced FSC® Certified timber where possible.  Look out for our FSC®-certified products on our website, which will be marked with the FSC® Tree tick logo.  Brymec Ltd is registered under License Code FSC®-C173744.