Brymec Online How To Videos

Welcome to our online help centre where we have created a series of videos to help you make the best use of your online Brymec account.

The training videos below show you how to streamline your processes, which will make it easier for you to find products, technical information and make purchases, saving you time and money.

Add and Manage Users

This video shows you how to add users to your account along with deleting existing users.

Place a requisition

This video shows how a user can place a requisition through to be approved by a manager.

Approve a requisition

This video shows how to approve a requisition that has been placed by another user.

Reset password

This video shows how simple it is to reset your password.

Manage Structure

This video shows how to manage your team by creating a structure within your account. This is key to ensuring the requisition process runs correctly.

Roles and Permissions

This video shows how you can create roles and permissions to control what users can see or do. For example, allowing users to see pricing and place orders.