Pricing Update

As your partner in the building services industry, we are responsible to make you aware of any economic changes and price increases to enable you to manage the impact of these effectively.  Over the last six months the exchange rate of the GB pound to the US dollar has weakened by 10% falling from 1.41 to 1.27 and this has significantly impacted the global economy.  At home in the UK we have also seen an increase in inflation to 2.5%, evidenced in the recent announcement of the Bank of England base rate to 0.75%. 

We have been working hard on better sourcing and large investment in stocks to hold off the need of making any price changes for as long as possible, and we are pleased to announce we have managed to limit the scope and severity of increases on many ranges.  The resulting increase will be only 1-2.5% depending on the range.

These will be updated on your online portal for Monday 3rd September 2018.  Click below to view