5/16" Imperial Straight Quick Coupler

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Imperial Quick Couplers - Straight for R410a

  • Automatic full depression of Core Valves without adjustment, regardless of core position. Coupler halves separately connect to Service Port Access Fitting and Hose end. The easy push/pull operation automatically opens or closes system without loss of costly refrigerant.
  • Automatic shut-off of hose ends permits discharging of High-side hose pressure into Low-side hose through the manifold. Eliminates hazardous discharge of refrigerant and oil from High-side of the system when disconnecting hose. Hoses can be stored under slight overpressure, if required, in order to prevent contamination.
  • Core Depressors in hose ends not necessary. Speeds servicing of systems with hand valves.
Technical Data
TypeQuick Couplers