22mm x 3/4" Copper-Press Female Adapter (M-Profile)

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Copper-Press Female Adapter (M-Profile)

Our Copper press system is for use with conformant copper tube to EN 1057 type TX, providing a durable and secure leak-proof joint for the following applications; potable water, hot water heating/cooling circuit and drainage.

2-Point Press

The Brymec copper press range benefits from the extra security provided by its 2-point press system. This creates a leak free, tamper-proof joint.

Brymec Product Quality

Our copper press range has been carefully designed and selected to meet the highest quality standards. Products undergo stringent testing in compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Brymec Warranty

We offer a 25 year warranty with our copper press system.

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MCP46 - Female Adaptor TDS.pdf

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