89mm Stainless-Press 45 M/F Bend (M-Profile)

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Our Brymec Stainless-Steel Press-Fit system provides long-lasting, reliable pipework & fittings for your installations - from drinking water to heating systems and rainwater. Made from top-quality 316L grade stainless steel, this range is far superior to conventional materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with M profile press jaws up to and including 54mm
  • Ideal for corrosion or hygienically demanding applications – particularly drinking water
  • Extremely durable and corrosion resistant
  • Blue plastic film which will fall off when crimped for easy identification of pressed joint
  • Approved tools include Novapress, REMS, Rothenberger and Ridgid

Brymec Warranty

We offer a 30 year warranty with our Stainless Steel Press Range

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Technical Data
Material316 Stainless

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