15mm 45 M/F Gas Copper-Press Bend (M-Profile)

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The Brymec Copper Press Gas system offers a fast, safe, flame free solution for gas system installations, saving a huge amount of time and resources compared to traditional jointing methods. Our unique yellow plastic film, which falls off when crimped, offers a visual guide as to which joints have been pressed.

Features & benefits

  • Durable and secure leak proof joint
  • Braze free, permanent joint �� no hot works required
  • 25 year warranty
  • 2 point press
  • Dust covers keep O-ring clean prior to assembly
  • ��M�� profile press jaws or slings
  • Approved tools include Novapress, REMS, Rothenberger and Ridgid
  • Suitable for above ground 2nd and 3rd family gases to EN437
  • For use with type TX (Table-X) copper tubing conformant to EN 1057

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