20mm x 22mm Pexal Crimp to Copper compression adaptor

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Multi-Layer Press-Fit system combines the advantages of metal pipe systems general plastic pipe systems. Intermediate the aluminium layer provides a total barrier to oxygen. One pipe with a broad range of applications including water supply and distribution, heating and cooling, hot water and compressed air.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi jaw compatibility �� suitable for H, TH, and U profiles
  • Flexible/formable pipe allows fast installation with reduced fittings
  • High corrosion and scale resistance allow consistent long-term performance
  • No need for pipe inserts
  • Solid brass fittings for strength and system integrity
  • Fittings have 2 or more O-rings giving outstanding seal
  • Lower thermal losses than metal pipework systems

Multi-Layer Press Fit Information

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TypeCopper Adaptors

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