90mm HDPE Electro-Fusion Coupling

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Electro-Fusion Coupler for HDPE Drainage System - 90mm

HDPE commercial waste and drainage system is a lightweight and highly efficient pipework system for soil & waste and rainwater drainage. Brymec HDPE is manufactured from high density polyethylene, which has numerous advantages over other materials. The range is available in sizes from 32mm up to 250mm and includes a full range of fittings and adaptors.


Features & Benefits

  • Carefully designed and selected to meet the highest quality standards – products undergo stringent testing in compliance with our ISO9001:2015 quality management system
  • Brymec HDPE with maintain its physical characteristics despite temperature changes. It will not break or deform permanently due to water freezing internally
  • Designed for internal drainage systems of civil and industrial buildings in the following areas of application:
    • Sanitary appliance drainage
    • Washing machine and dishwasher drainage
    • Prolonged wastewater drainage
    • Aggressive fluid in schools, laboratories, and industrial plants, according to ISO/TR 10358
    • Medium and large drainage manifolds


Brymec Warranty

We offer a 10 year warranty across our waste and drainage range.


Brymec HDPE Fusion Weld Information

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