Brymec sustainability efforts

Our journey to carbon neutral

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Our vision

Our products are built for tomorrow and we’re focused on protecting tomorrow in the way we work. As such, we’re positioning ourselves to be the greenest environmentally friendly supplier to the building services industry..

We’re always forward-thinking and constantly strive to improve the industries we serve and make our industry better. If we can achieve this, we will play a part in improving the environment and ensuring a prosperous future for the planet.

You can see our ambitions in our strapline “Built for Tomorrow”, which highlights the future focus of what we do and how we do it. To get there, we had to transform – one of the most important was to transform into a carbon neutral organisation.

Aligning our efforts with UN Sustainable Development Goals

We made the decision to align our sustainability initiatives to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), to help up further identify our priorities for action going forward.


Good Health and Well-being

Internal review of our facilities and introduce regular initiatives to improve staff care


Gender Equality

Promote gender equality and remove any barriers to any jobs across our organisation


Clean Water and Sanitation

Improve across all our global touch points, including through Brymec Foundation


Sustainable Cities and Communities

Work as a sustainable supply chain partner, providing sustainable mechanical solutions to buildings


Responsible Consumption and Production

Continuously work to further reduce waste, consume less packaging, and increase recycling


Climate Action

Become carbon neutral and seek out carbon offsets


Partnerships for the Goals

Ensure we reach neutrality and set a new goal to go beyond with a carbon reduction company

Getting the carbon neutral process started

We began by commissioning an independent audit of our greenhouse gas emissions against the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1. After working out our emission levels with our auditors, we identified the steps we need to take to become carbon neutral and set a target date.

Green globe in hands

Our supply chain model gave us the perfect platform.

Our innovative Brymec Breeze supply chain model means we are involved in considerably less product movement than our competitors who retain a traditional model. In turn, this lessens the environmental footprint of our supply chain. The only warehouse our products will pass through is our own.

Our Environmentally Friendly Business Model

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Actions we have taken so far

Working with our external auditors we identified opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions and reduce energy usage.


Electric charging points in the car park, for staff and visitor usage


Full Plastic Reduction scheme in place across all products


Removal of plastic cups and cutlery in the canteen


All internal lighting is automatic LED


Cycle rack provided and all staff encouraged to ride to work


Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps installed


An additional 50% thermal insulation installed at our Gatwick warehouse

Lessening the environmental impact of our supply chain and logistics

Our Supply Chain

We have worked collaboratively with our supply partners to:

  • Development of sustainable product
  • Worked to improve the manufacturing process of our branded products, to lower emissions, waste and water consumption
  • Increased controls on sustainable and safe waste management
  • Ensured our partners adhere to our ESG and labour standards
  • Ensure manufacturing lead times are aligned with demand planning to avoid the use of air freight
  • Reduce the usage of single-use plastics
Solar panels


Nearly 100% of deliveries via our dedicated fleet of well-maintained vehicles adhere to local emission regulations.

Strive to replace older vehicles with new electric options where possible.

The few deliveries we don’t make directly are done by trusted partners who adhere to our carbon neutral standards.

Making the case for change in the industry to achieve better environmental sustainability. 

Our packaging

We have been working closely with our packaging suppliers to ensure that we only utilise packaging which is recyclable or biodegradable.

  • We are working to have all plastic moved over to oxo-biodegradable
  • We decided to remove all unnecessary plastic from packaging and products
  • We are working with our suppliers to help us switch over to fully oxo-biodegradable pallet wrap
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FSC logo

FSC Certification

With project specifications and industry standards continuously evolving, and to align with our carbon neutral status, Brymec obtained FSC Certification.

Brymec supports FSC’s vision to highlight the true value of forests so society can recognise them worldwide. When a customer sees the FSC ‘TickTree’ logo, they can be confident when buying the product, it means there was no harming the world’s forest.

Carbon neutral certification

In June 2022, Brymec Ltd gained certification as a Carbon Neutral business.

We don’t consider our certification as the end of a process, rather it’s the beginning of a long journey. We must continue lessening our impact on the global environment for the world to thrive in the future.

To measure our continued commitment against set benchmarks, we have implemented a process of annual environmental audits. To continue to drive us on our mission, we have also launched a staff Environmental Champions programme. Our Champions will be tasked with monitoring our adherence to Carbon Neutral and leading our continued improvements going forward.

Brymec customer service agents

To find out how we can support you with a project or for more information on our products and services, please contact us and one of our representatives will respond to your request.