The Brymec Foundation

Whether developing more sustainable products, more efficient ways of working, better environments for our staff to enjoy or helping local communities and giving to worthwhile causes, Brymec sees itself as fortunate to be able to actively help others.

As a company that specialises in water management products and services, it seemed fi tting that, in 2016, we founded the Brymec Foundation, and partnered with the Christian International Development Organisation – a charity with 25 years’ experience working in East Africa. Brymec has helped the Organisation with its Fields of Life programme. It’s committed to collaborating with local communities in East Africa, to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community-based projects.

Ordinarily, children would travel for miles each day to and from watering holes in intensely high temperatures, to collect buckets of water for the family. The water is full of parasites and germs, animal excrement and disease. drinking this water can cause death.

The time it takes for the children to travel for this water also depletes their quality of life; no schooling or playtime means no future for them. And so our primary focus is to raise funds for the Organisation, to help build wells within the risk areas, providing children and their families with a sustainable source of clean water.


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